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5 April 2017 12:59

Displayed "Needed Sp" in Skill menu Wrong please fix this bug in skill menu can any Gamemaster answer please Updated!!!


first I want to say the the "needed SP" in Skill menu are wrong 2 days ago it showed 27010sp when i really needed only 16400sp, now I need 7590sp but it shows 9390sp are needed, also the Sp Guides arent right anymore:
the Rk Guide says : Knight + Royal + Production skills 134 159 sp

but im Pretty sure that I needed less sp so far and I have all craft skills + all skills except the last levels of 2 skills im to low for at the moment but even when i add the 5790 sp they cost me Im still under 134159 alltogether.

I want change to tk and I dont know if its wasted if I farm more sp now (have at the moment 61657 sp left) because I cant trust the tk guide sadly either the TK guide says:

Knight + Templar + Production skills 203 036 sp

I just checked the the "needed sp" for tk on alt char and it should be like almost 250k according to skill menu???

is that true or also a bug in skill menu would be very disappointing if i farm so much sp and in end bunch of sp is left because the displayed needed sp are wrong.

Can you Gamemasters maybe write the needed Sp for all classes in forum so every one can find out for sure how much he needs?

A little update for who wants to know, I have now all skills + craft + farm it was around 200 k sp, I only didnt skill crit mastery it needs 1560 sp, but skill menu still shows that I need 3120 sp I wonder if I would skill it (what I wont do because its expensive to reset skills and learn again) would the menu then still show me missing sp?

Thank you very much.

Sorry for my bad english Im trying my best. :)

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