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Héros plein d'avenir

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21 May 2017 23:18

Make stackable : Palpiti and Ramslo's accessories


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Charms of Sio and Accessories of Sio were made stackable after many years, which only made sense. Before if you were gonna pick up enough for it to matter, especially if you're saving up to use more effectively with an Affinity Booster, then you would quickly fill up your inventory and then some.

Why not do the same for Ramslo's Accessory and Palpiti's Accessory? Saving up for your future characters is nice, but not when you fill up entire inventories just to hold them. Or for people who wants to sell them, their value has dropped a lot and to the point where it's for many not worth the inventory slots, so instead they are dropped or left on the ground just like Sio items were before.

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Héros plein d'avenir

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22 May 2017 13:41

Aww, wish you added Medal of Honor too... :S

Check what not innocent and cuddly one wrote:
The hate was real
I speak sarcasm as a 2nd language.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcENL_Vdoqw <---The best Walking Dead episode ever! :D
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Community Manager

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4 December 2017 14:45

Hello Graut,

Apologies on not posting sooner, but we have heeded the suggestion and done this!

Thanks for the awesome suggestion, keep em coming!

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