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Friday, 16. June 2017, 15:56

Introduction to Last Chaos (Guide for New Players)

Introduction to Last Chaos

Last Chaos (U.S.) is a grind-based
game. Here your main method for leveling, drop hunting or skill point farming
is trough massive grind.

Last Chaos takes place in the Land
of Iris, a big world on which you have several maps to adventure yourself into.

To start with the basics let me tell
you that if you are creating your first character you should join a guild and
level up to 10, either by doing quests or simply killing random mobs. At level
10 get yourself a Guardian. (Guardian system - Last Chaos - Guides & Information) At this level you should now have
a guild and a guardian. Lock your experience to 100% and go to near Hunter
Dranore (NPC in Juno) where you will find a spot of Sasquatches.

At these (sasquatches) you will want
to accumulate the most skill point you can, as it is the easiest, cheapest,
fastest way that you will be able to get skill points. (There are other places
to skill point farm at, in other levels, but we will talk about that in the
Skill Points Guide).

To help you gain the most skill
points per kill and also increase your attack you must be on the Sub-server 2
(newbie) and get the Elizabeth´s Buff (NPC near Juno’s Spawn)

You will want to gather around, at
least, 100.000 skill points.

Once you have done this you are
ready to level! Unlock your experience from 100% to 0% and go level up. Here
you can go to Velpist Temple (juno) or Prokion Temple (Dratan), both are good
spots to skill point farm at, and level up at as well (the latter, best during
Dungeon Time).

Once you have reached level 31 you
will have to choose 1 of 2 jobs. After you pick the job you want you are out to
level up again! (Job change - Last Chaos - Guides & Information – PS: The classes exposed on that
page are not all the available ones, as 3 new classes were introduced later
being them Night Shadow, Arch Mage and Ex Rogue)

Be aware that after choosing your
sub-class you will need to put your stat points in some specific builds in
order to be able to learn some skills. (Class stat point guides - Last Chaos - Guides & Information)

Here you can go to Prokion Temple
(Dratan) until level 35, or Margaduum Jail (Merac) until level 40. After that,
and for the most experience when fighting alone, you should go to Temple of
Forgetfullness (Dratan), as now you should be strong enough to keep yourself
alive (Sugestion: kill 1st room of spiders and come out of the
Temple then go back in, repeat this…Preferably during Dungeon Time).

Once you reach level 50-55 you will
want to apply your character to be a merchant (this way you can buy/trade/sell
any item, if you don’t you will find yourself limited in some ways).

At level 60 you will go to Temple of
Forgetfulness (ToF) and complete the “backpack” quests as these chain of quests
will get you a good amount of skill points as reward for completing each quest.
(Here you wanna use a PSSP to maximize the reward) (51-69 quests - Last Chaos - Guides & Information)

Later, at level 100, you will have
the Veteran quest that will give you
another good amount of Skill Points. (90-109 quests - Last Chaos - Guides & Information)

From level 85 to 115 you will find
the best leveling spot to be at Tomb of Theos (Dratan).

Once you are 115-116+ you will want
to move to Trivia Valley (Strayana) and go inside the “Spirit Cave” in which
you will find the Raging Spirit of Sorcerer, the best mob to level up at until
level 140.

Between level 125 and 137, (as an
option to more than just grinding) you can find some good experience rewarding
quests in Bloody-mir (Vladimir, in Merac), these are gonna get you a few levels
up. (Just make sure you use a PBI) (110-129 quests - Last Chaos - Guides & Information)

You are now level 140+ .
Congratulations!!! You are now able to travel to Mondshine (entrance door is
trough Strayana), but first and before you can enter the new map you will have
to complete a serie of chain-quests!

Now that you entered Mondshine you
will have plenty of quests, many of them daily quests which are going to be
your main level up method. (no more grind-focused leveling!)

Once you hit level 155 you will be
able to enter Dark Altar (one of the many existing Raids), being this a good
place to complement your daily quests as a leveling method. (Notice that to
enter raids you will need to find a partner to create a party with!)

Now if you would like a faster,
grindy way, of leveling to complement when you are out of quests you can go to
Chapel’s Basement (Mondshine), preferably during Dungeon Time, and kill mobs

From level 165 and on you have
Tarian quests, which can be complemented with grind on Seekers of Darkness.

In the end line of 175 up to the cap
level, 185, you will level up inside Tarian Prison, specifically best inside
Ramslo’s Underground Laboratory.
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