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Data di registrazione: 10. luglio 2015

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sabato, 1. luglio 2017, 02:04

Improve guild disbandment


Yes (18)



As someone who uses guild hall quite often, I find the NPC used for entering it unnecessarily terrifying. If when clicking the NPC you get used to picking the 2nd option to enter guild hall, doing the same on a character which happens to be guild master will show you the option to disband your guild : 1Qj5nYx.jpg

Both a character and a guild can have many hours and lots of effort put into them, and while a character is protected against accidental deletion, why not something better for disbanding a guild? Moving the disband option away would be one way, for example to the guild management window, but I don't feel that's enough in itself. A time delay would be great, but what I would like to suggest is to at the very least require you to type in a word (for example "disband"), which has to match exactly.

Preferably I'd like to have it all, and not only a stricter confirmation window like in the picture above, but also having it moved away from where it is now as well as adding a delay of 24 hours or so (with the option to cancel of course), but I imagine implementing the concept above would be the easiest and require less changes and additions.

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sabato, 1. luglio 2017, 02:38

I think disbanding the guild should be done from within the guild itself. 24 Hour cancellation time would also be nice but its not necessary. It is also a shame that the GM can just disband with no warning.

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sabato, 1. luglio 2017, 06:49

I agree that the disband system needs a change, at least moving it to the "Guild Financial Controller" guy inside guild hall, that wouldnt mess so much with teleports + time to be sure ure disbanding it would be nice, beeing Guild Master im always afraid of missclicking it... :(

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  • "oakleydoakley3" è un uomo

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domenica, 2. luglio 2017, 14:56

I totally agree that disbanding guild needs looking at as I have deleted a lvl 49 guild when I thought I was entering Guildroom X(

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Community Manager

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lunedì, 4. dicembre 2017, 15:19

Hello Graut,

Thank you for the suggestion, from the looks of the poll it seems your peers agree with you. The suggestion is noted.

Happy gaming!

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