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Sunday, 16. July 2017, 22:39

[Suggestion] upgrading Accessory, weapon, and armor seal values, and adding some more jewel sockets.

Agree or not?

A total of 12 Votes have been submitted.


Agree (6)


Disagree (6)

Hello, Vilya.

My suggestion, as promised in the Quiz room.

Firstly, upgrading the seal values on accessories, weapons, and armor seals. What I'm hoping for, Vilya, is that the reformers (MGR and AGR), are modified to also upgrade the seals on our accessories, weapons, and armor. Sorry, Vilya, but prices for the best accessories are still way to high, and still cost as much as several hundred billion in gold. Unfortunately, I'm also one of those who ain't able to buy IC regularly. Even when I can, it ain't all that much. So the chances of any of my chars getting even one of those accessories, is virtually impossible. If this suggestion is acted on, I may be able to start upgrading the seals on my accessories and equipment. I don't mean changing the seals, Vilya, but maxing out the values of the existing seals.

This is important enough, Vilya, as ZedaN was kind enough to allow me to kill him 3 times, in the Arena. The first 2 times, the values on ClubberLange's Critical and normal hits, weren't all that good. The 3rd time, was after ZedaN kindly chose to insert a lvl 2 Chaos Aquamarine into Clubber's Axe, and his Critical and normal hits, did go up. So I obviously need to increase his HR, Critical, and Attack points, to higher levels. Also, in 7 levels time, Clubber will be doing the Mondshine quests which will be tough. And there'll be mobs in Mondshine that Clubber will find it hard to kill quickly, with the acc's and equipment seals, as they are.

As for the jewel sockets, I recommend an additional 3 sockets, 1 Chaos socket and 2 for normal jewels. If only to allow us to finetune our char's capabilities.

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Tuesday, 18. July 2017, 20:29

It's a nice suggestion, but like the thousands of nice suggestions that would make this game better... I doubt it will ever happen. Everything about this game is designed to milk money from the addicted. That's it. If it doesn't increase revenue why would they bother investing time & money into it?

I'd love to see it happen though. Good luck
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Wednesday, 19. July 2017, 01:53

Here is the thing, the people that have those epic accessories and spend all that money on getting the best of the best are not gonna want any changes. I suggested making MC accessories being able to be reformed in a limited amount to help bridge the gap and I got no responses. When I mentioned about modding an armor set with new seals no one wanted the change. Good luck.

I don't know about the sockets I think 7 sockets are enough. We should have to make choices between jewels.

You will be fine in Mondshine as long as you have any level of b5E +15 gear and a good +15 or better weapon...

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Monday, 15. January 2018, 18:38

Hello MujarCarillon,

Thank you for the suggestion, from the looks of the poll it seems your peers are split. Try revamping your suggestion with the input they provided and re-post it with a new poll.

Happy gaming!

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