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15.10.2017, 15:37


Do you agree with making these adjustments to Regular Wizard?

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So from what I can tell the Regular Wizard is living in the Arch Wizard's shadow and that why we have no regular wizards anymore, because the difference between wizard and archwizard is that archwizard can do everything the regular wizard can do, but more and better.
In my opinion archwizard is a disabler that relies on cop to freeze a fight or blind to take away sight and do damage while the enemy is confused, which I'm perfectly fine with.
What I'm not fine with is that regular wizard can't do any of those key things and the damage and skills are the same besides wizard has less skills and attributes than archwizard besides being able to debuff someone's elemental attack, which won't matter since they do terrible damage and have bad resistance compared to other classes.
How would I recommend that they fix this?
Active Skills:
1. Make Chaos Nova base cool down 10 seconds, faster casting speed, increase it's hit rate, make it light elemental damage, critical damage, 75k power, and a 85% stun chance.
2. Make Ice ball's base cool down 7 seconds, increase it's hit rate, deadly damage, 650 mp consumption at max level, and 75k power.
3. Make Spring of Mana's cool down 40 seconds and make it recover 50% mana points.
4. Make Fear also work in pvp, but have it decrease opponent's hitrate by 30%.
5. Make Wind Storm's base cool down 10 seconds, deadly damage, snare effect, and 55,000 power.
6. Make Freeze Arrow have critical damage and 45,000 power.
7. Soul of Wizard should give +100 cd, +300 attack, +5% casting speed.
1. Make Staff Mastery go up to 500+ attack.
2. Mana Flow should give 5,000 HP/MP
3. Secret Study Mastery should go up to 500 more attack.

This way regular Wizard can be a skilled damage dealer/slight disabler and archWizard can be a skilled disabler.
Many toons have been forgotten and no one plays them now and Wizard is one of the top toons that is no longer played by the community, which is a shame.

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16.10.2017, 05:33

I agree it needs to be changed. I believe it should be powerful but fragile at the same time. I am not really for the stuns just make the skills really really hurt when they hit. I am even ok with a not so good a hit rate if when it hits everyone knows its been hit and wondering what the heck happened.

The soul skills really don't do much for any class. If your going to change it for one should change it for all.
That is an interesting twist on fear I would consider that.

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15.01.2018, 20:32

Any further ideas and thoughts on this topic before I close it up and pass it along?

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