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Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017, 23:39

[FAQ] Monthly password change reward system

This system is dedicated to keeping your account super safe, plus providing you with a nice gift once a month. As many of you already know, changing your password frequently helps keep your account safe. And we all want to remain safe, don’t we? Well now you can remain safe and get a free item for doing so. It’s literally a win/win situation for everyone!

You are encouraged to change your password on your Last Chaos account either through the portal or the website frequently, and in doing so we will send you a gift to your item shop gifting area of your next logged in server for that account. That’s it! Easy right?

Here's how it works:

  • Make sure you can receive e-mails on your registered e-mail account (Change your account email)
  • Guide to change password (Change your Account password)
  • Log into your game as normal
  • Go to Gifts received tab in the Item Shop
  • See your awesome free gift and move to your inventory

What you should know:
  1. This system can only be used once every calendar month. (i.e. Once in January, once in February, etc.)
  2. You must log into the game with the account you have just changed password on. If you do not login, your gift will not be sent.
  3. If you play Last Chaos Europe you will need to log into whatever server group (local or international) you wish the item on. If you play Last Chaos North America or Last Chaos Russia, the item always goes to the local server group. Once you have logged into that server group, you can pick up the item from any server of that group. For instance, if you log into international server group first, you will only be able to obtain the item either on Elysion or on Atlas. If you log into DE first, you will be able to obtain the gift on any of the 3 DE realms, but only on one of them. We will not move the item if you chose the wrong server.
  4. Free gift item is bound to the account it is sent to and the character you remove it from gifting on, but works like the original item which is not bound. This means once you have removed it from the item shop, you cannot stash, trade or sell the item. You are only able to use said item on the particular character it is on. We will not move this item to another character if you remove it on a character you did not intend to.

This procedure can help to keep your account information updated and always have a working e-mail contact registered, which in-turn will speed up support requests when you have any, because it is much easier and faster to validate your request, if the e-mail you are sending your ticket from is matching the one we have for your account. True searching you does not take long, but searching 100 others that came before your request takes quite a while before anyone could even start searching for you (we recommend to keep personal information stored with your account also up to date and accurate, because this will also help our Agents to provide higher quality support and quicker solutions, whenever you need them). Help us help you!

Happy gaming!
Your Last Chaos Team
Community Manager EN/PL
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