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Tuesday, 16. January 2018, 20:11

[Suggestion] Crafting V 2.0

Change the free armor sets into special crafted sets.

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Yes I like it sign me up. (1)


No I hate change I like my ruts wide and deep.

So... there is NO low-level crafting going on until you get to Mondshine crafting which is a shame because there is a whole system in place already, materials, skills, everything. The only thing lacking is motivation. We have all gotten use to the grind to 20 get the +15 weapon grind to class change get the free armor and guardian set, then work our way to TOF and get that set then somewhere along the way depending on resources get a b5e set before you jump to a 165 set...maybe and then the 173 set. So what I am proposing is a little radical so bear with me and really think about it.
A) Remove the free sets and weapons given at 20/30/50 excluding the guardian set (which can be dealt with later).

  1. Change the low-level crafting system to generate P6 items(I am not crazy about the whole character bound thing but since sales of these things may not be desirable so as to encourage crafting I am open to them being character bound).
    1. Generate a quest system that gives them the books needed to craft these special weapons and armor.
    2. Add heaven stones to the material list to craft weapons and armor that already have a + do them sort of like mag glasses with AGR 1-30 Heaven stones to get the +. The more Heaven stones you use the better chance of getting a +15 or higher item are I would suggest that there be a base + of 5-10 on the equipment which can still be usable.
    3. They should have seals that make a difference to low level toons. Nothing ridiculous and op but, better than what is dropped to be desirable. These sets should have seals comparable to the Erebus set with perhaps an SP and or EXP buff that takes the SP and EXP to the cap when using Elizabeth’s buff. The boots could have a speed seal to help speed up SP grinding. Other possible seals could include a drop boost seal (50%?) to help lower levels gain drops faster to get more gold.

B) Change the guardian set to craftable.
  1. Create craft books for a new and improved guardian set.
    1. Materials could be supplied through a special set of Guardian quests that perhaps depend on the new person registering as a guardian and other activities to support and learn about the guardian system and perhaps to even rate their guardian. The guardian could get a special title or something with a certain amount of good ratings from their trainees(there could be an expanded discussion on this).
    2. Items generated should have P6 seals and be character bound. Perhaps with seals like the Liege armor that can be AGRed to high levels or like a lot of the purple Mondshine armor and weapons available.
    3. Add Heaven stones to the material list like the lower level armor to generate a + based on luck and the amount of Heaven stones you use.

As a final suggestions I would like to merge the low level crafting system into the Mondshine system so that lower level crafting gives you experience towards Mondshine crafting. This would create a unified system of crafting and not make the cost of entry into Mondshine crafting so insurmountable. This probably should deserve a discussion of its own.

Just don't make the costs associated with making the armor and weapons ridiculously high...(no more gold sinks please the ship is already sinking).

So what do you think? Thanks for your time.

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