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Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018, 16:47

Affinity Merchant Ticket - 30 Day

If you find you are constantly running out of an affinity item while fighting monsters (or other players), then this item is for you! You no longer must change maps and teleport to the NPC to purchase the item you want, it’s accessible anytime from anywhere! And when you need to sell items, you will gain a bit extra gold when using this item as opposed to the normal merchant ticket or NPC. How cool is that?

Read even more about Affinity Systems here: A Guide to Affinity Systems

This accesses the Union of Sio Affinity Merchant Watson, located in the town of Mondshine.
This accesses the Randol Knights Affinity Merchant Pero, located in town of Juno.
This accesses the Berbank Affinity Merchant Annie, located outside Juno town at Berbank Mills.
This accesses the Mazar Affinity Merchant Dorris, located in the town of Dratan.
This accesses the Jinarr Affinity Merchant Camilla, located outside Dratan town.
This accesses the Keron Mage Affinity Merchant Gemma, located in the town of Merac.
This accesses the Owl Forces Affinity Merchant Jenna, located outside Merac town near the Cubes.
This accesses the Aaron Guard Affinity Merchant Lee, located in the town of Egeha.
This accesses the Black Fog Affinity Merchant Shilo, located in the town of Streiana.
This accesses the Oscar Merchant Affinity Merchant Hughey, located in the town of Dratan.
This accesses the Sin Killer Affinity Merchant Shilo, located in outside Juno town in the the Belfist Temple.
This accesses the Lakin Guard Affinity Merchant Kua, located in the town of Tairan.

[Important Note:] You must already have the affinity merchant open by normal means. This means you must have gained the needed affinity points to have opened the merchant for the affinity ticket you have purchased. If you have not done so, you will be requested to "Make a friend" and the ticket will not open.

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