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Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018, 19:20

Snowball Event

Snow is beginning to fall in Bloodymir and Tairan, so let’s gather some and have a snowball fight!
Fight monsters in Bloodymir and Tairan and they will sometimes drop little piles of snow for you. Gather it all up to create your ammo for the attack. (Note: Must be level 90+ to participate)

Snow can drop in a small pile of 1 or a bigger pile of 3.

Once you have gathered enough snow, head to the Animal Trainer on the map.
Animal Trainer in Bloodymir: Pet Trainer Vargo

Animal Trainer in Tairan: Pet Trainer Luna

Amount of snow required for snowballs, if you do not have enough to make the snowball you are trying for, you will receive a popup telling you this fact.

Tiny Snowball costs 10 Snow to create 1
Stack Limit is 35 per stack

Medium Snowball costs 18 Snow to create 1
Stack Limit is 18 per stack

Giant Snowball costs 35 Snow to create 1
Stack Limit is 10 per stack

You will also see options to check your Snow Score. This will show your Hits Scored, Hits Taken and overall Score. You will also be able to track your score in system chat as you play.
Speaking of system chat, it will also let you know if you’ve been hit, hit someone else, or if your snowball missed. So, keep an eye on that as you play! Get the highest score and get some neat prizes. What could they be? Play and find out!

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