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Joven aventurero

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Monday, 30. July 2018, 13:21

Affinity Event

Affinity Event

Se ha enviado un total de 28 votos.


No, it's fine as it is (5)


Yes, add Affinity Event (23)

Just like Double XP and SP or PetXP Events,
add another Double Event, this time for Affinity.

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Joven aventurero

  • "oakleydoakley3" es hombre

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Monday, 30. July 2018, 19:22

we need morethan 15 votes to get this adopted by Gamigo so tell your friends about this idea tell everyone in game

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Aspirante a héroe

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Ocupación: industri cnc setup's and programming mastercam cadcam cimco

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Wednesday, 8. August 2018, 04:43

the gm's tryed to make an afinity event years ago where they spawned mobs for it but what happend to that??
this here idea is fair but it shoulden overlap afinityboosters in my point of view. because if it does it will become far to easy and way to fast,
and well afinities arent that hard to get and im sorta against the idea as afinities arent that hard. takes time sure. but then lift yourself and leave randol.. go out there and grind.

on a side note.. just becouse your high lvl shoulden mean u cant get nothing from low lvl mobs besides the afinities.
let it be posible to get something (gold - tokens - idk someting)

theres no way u want to make a toon and sit on that map till u killed every single monster on it 1000 times each to gain afinity when what it gives really arent worth it.
afinities is sorta endgame content as it is atm. theres a few u get along the way (mainly buyables) but thats it.
besides all the good afinities are buy able in some way =( "besides sinkiller" not really that good but it ok

i like the idea. and vote yes. but if event is a boost like xp sp events then dont have it stack with the afinity booster as it will be far to easy.
have it work just like its an afinity booster u use so its working with the c2 cover boost and guild pasive skill boost, would be fair and would save you all some boosters.

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