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Wednesday, 26. September 2018, 09:51

Elements of Iris Event

A merchant named Toldar suddenly appears in the Lost City of Dratan.
As we move closer, we see he would like to talk.
He has a quest but warns it will be long and arduous and not for the faint of heart.
Will you be the hero to accept and be heralded henceforth?

First, you must teleport into Dratan City.

From there you will venture forth to the Lost City in Dratan, to the lower right of the map.
This place used to be the hub of Dratan before the war of the gods when it was destroyed.

There you will find a lone merchant named Toldar who needs your assistance.

NoName requires you to gather the following items for him,
then he will be able to show you some magic which only he is able to do
and has been lost to the generations since the war.
The items will not be available all together, nor are they able to be gathered for long
…so take heed and gather quickly.
NOTE: The items will drop on any map and from all monsters on all maps
which are within your characters levelrange
(i.e. Grass of Juno will drop on ALL maps, not just Juno!)

Grass of Juno – This grass has a sweet, homely smell native only to Juno. Smelling it reminds one of happier times and sunnier climates.

Sands of Dratan – This sand is warm and inviting, if you are ever cold and lonely, simply holding this sand will warm you up.

Fire of Merac – This fire comes from the land of volcanoes and lava. Use this fire to light your way when you are lost in the dark, or to scare away the wild monsters as you rest.

Stone of Egeha – A very odd mix of stormy, blue skies has created this stone. It is cool to the touch and brings a familiarity of safety to the holder.

Rain of Streiana – The rains of Streiana were glorious and inviting before the war. Then, they created and sustained life instead of corrupting and taking life as they do now.

Snow of Bloodymir – Bloodymir’s constant snow squalls and frigid temperatures are famous throughout the lands. This snow sure can cool off even the most overheated traveler.

Once you have gathered the items Toldar requires of you,
he will ask you which pendant you would like to see him magically create before your very eyes.
Choose carefully hero, as once his magic has begun it cannot be stopped.

Thatched Grass Pendant – This accessory is embedded with a stone created from Juno Grass and contains special properties to assist you in your journeys.

Glass of Sands Pendant – These beads may look like the Sands of Dratan, but through special magic and heating they are glass. The properties they have been infused with are perfect for some travelers.

Fire Stone Pendant – The magical properties of fire are captured in this mystical looking pendant. The lava and fire from ancient volcanoes have been imbued within.

Stormy Skies Pendant – Blue skies and clouds, the perfect storm. This pendant embodies all that is the dark stone from the Egeha sky…. calm and storm combined into artistic irony.

Water Infused Pendant – The potion shaped pendant glows with the pure waters of Streiana from the pre-war era. It is rumored to keep the spirits at bay.

Cold Snowstone Pendant – Who would have thought you could have an accessory comprised of snow? Well, through ancient magic and sub-arctic temperatures it is possible and perfect for the warm-blooded traveler.

Community Manager EN/ES/IT/PL/RU
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