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7 November 2018 9:08

Crashing Game

Hey :), seems there is an issue with Siban and Roy, its not all the time although its happened over 3 weeks or so, also happened 3 days in a row, if I open roy or siban then move my mouse over an item the game crashes and turns off without any warnings, "Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 00D9CBDA 01:0029BBDA D:\Program Files (x86)\LastChaosUS\Bin\Engine.dll" im on windows 10, nothing has been changed on my side, its maybe been happing since 3 maints ago.

Also if you read this vilya, my elephants requires your attention, he has lost his buffs. I hope I posted this in the right section :)

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7 November 2018 17:57

Hi Brissy!

For the Roy issue, it sounds like a corrupted file. I would suggest repairing your installation or uninstall/reinstall to fix it.

The ele issue is known and is still being worked on. Once I have info, it will be posted. Good luck.

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