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Friday, 8. March 2019, 06:51

Glitched Ele's, Jags and others

Perhaps we could do a 1 for 1 match per unit, as is, the only difference, un-glitched for glitched all across the board... Its not to hard to gen a toon/pet

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Friday, 8. March 2019, 15:50


First, I have moved this out of the suggestion forum as its does not follow the proper format.
Second, as I have stated numerous times to numerous players in game, forums and Discord... myself and 4 affected users have already tried this and it did NOT work. This is one of the reasons it is taking so long to find and fix the issue as it is not solely the pets, nor solely the character who has the pet affected but seems to be a combination of both possibly.
Third, it has nothing to do with how hard it is to generate a pet or not, if it definitely fixed the issue I would have ensured it was done when the issue first presented itself.

When there is news of the issue being fixed, or another option arising, I will be very VERY happy to post it everywhere and let everyone know.

Happy gaming.

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Saturday, 9. March 2019, 00:30

While I understand your comment that exchanging pets does not work in some cases, would it not be possible to make an arrangement where those of us who want to dispose of glitched pets could sell them to you, or to a npc or whatever, so as to recoup some of the pet's value. What individuals then do with their money would be down to them...

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