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  • "currykaran2" started this thread

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Saturday, 10. August 2019, 23:37

Add another tab


Yes (17)


No (3)

Here's an update that doesn't hurt anybody and is easy to do since everything else decent is just being ignored:

Click here for Image

- Add another tab to show Ranged Stats.

- First tab should be dedicated to Physical Melee, while second tab, Ranged. (Physical does not mix when it comes to Rangers/Archers)

If you honestly disagree with this, please tell us why cause otherwise you're just hindering progress.

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Monday, 12. August 2019, 18:24

- Add another tab to show Ranged Stats.

- First tab also says "Physical" instead of "Melee"... using the word "physical" is wrong because equipping ranged only items does not change anything.

There are 2 tabs and first tab 01 refers to physical attack toons like rogues, knights, archers etc while the 02 tab is for magical toons like mages, sorcerers, ns, cleric etc so ofc the word physical is correct when it comes to 'Attack' or 'Hit Rate' . Those values will change depending on the class of the toon. And ofc they won't change if ie a sin equips an item with magical hit rate like obsidian or if a spec equips an item with physical hr like citrine, but they will be affected if the seal is either hitrate or magical hitrate and so on So nothing wrong with with word 'physical' imo.

Unless u are referring to the row 'Physical evas" and u want it to be separated to 'Physical melee evas' and 'Physical long range evas' by adding another row to 01 tab.

In that case i 've noticed these :

Physical evas values change according to subclass of the toon. The value shown of physical evas ie on a spec will change by equipping melee physical evas seals or jewels and will not be affected by the long range evas seals.Value will go up or down by summing the values of 'Evas' or 'Melee phys evas". Same for elementalist or ns or sin etc.
If it's an archer or a ranger then the 'physical evas' value will change according to 'Evasion' or/and 'Long range evas' seals of the item (gear or accessories or jewel) bcoz the toon seems to be considered long range toon.

Examples (additionally to general evasion seal):
Physical evas of sorcerer both spec and elementalist are affected by melee seals in gear or jewels like mookiate
Cleric's physical evas changes by melee seals, same for sin and witch and ns.
Archers and rangers values are affected by long range physical evas seals on armor or accs

After doing few tests with a friend we didn't notice much difference on the amount of successful hits taken from a toon with melee phys attack and a toon with long range phys attack on same toon in both cases. Seemed as if the toon taking the hits had same evas against both melee and long range physical attacks. And the value of the evas showing in Info Tab was from 'evasion' only seals as was using gear with evas+melee evas while it's a long range char (archer).

So for me the question is :
- Does every toon has physical evas against both melee and long range enemies? Is there a 'hidden' value which doesn't appear in info tab? If there is, then yes an additional field should be added separating the physical evas to melee and to long range.

- Or every subclass has a certain physical evas which is affected ONLY BY ONE of them either melee or long range evas seal (doesn't need to mention that general 'evas' applies to all evasions) as it appears now in info tab and remains the same no matter if we equip the opposite seal or jewel and works against both melee and long range physical attacks?

Then in that case no change would be needed other than mentioning in Class field something like 'Archer - Long range' or something similar that could work as a guide of what seals/jewels to use.

Maybe some1 does some more tests or a Staff Member could answer those questions.
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  • "currykaran2" started this thread

Posts: 53

Date of registration: 14. July 2017

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Monday, 12. August 2019, 21:01


The "Physical" tab should be split into two different tabs as Melee hitrate does nothing for someone who uses Ranged hitrate. So adding them together is ... just not correct.

I apologize for the way I worded in my post, I will fix it.

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