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13 August 2019 12:46

Patch Notes | August 13, 2019

The #gamigoparty is only a few weeks away, so be sure to grab your ticket. Speaking of the party, while fighting monsters you will notice they will drop ORANGE Lacaball Tokens. Gather some up and play the special Lacaball Miningame where you can win a gamigo party quest scroll. Once you get it, start the quest and once you're done you will have something super special! What is it? well, to find out you'll have to win a scroll and finish the quests! The tokens will only drop for a short time, so hurry and gather before they and the lacaball game are gone!

  • Some configurations were altered in attempt to increase server stability.
  • We have fixed the fellowship/expedition party issue.

  • Orange Tokens for lacaball game will drop which can be used to get party quest scroll from lacaball game for a limited time. The lacaball will start today at 12:00 local server time.
  • Premium Merchant Eldritch will remain in game.
  • The Elements of Iris event part 5 is over for now. Part - Snow of Bloodymir has begun so grab your winter gear!
  • Check out the Weekly Sales which are still going on.
  • General server maintenance and backup was performed.

All servers
3 for 2:
  • Super Haste Potion
  • Platinum adrenaline
  • MP steal potion (2 hours)
  • HP steal potion (2 hours)
  • Socket Reset Card

  • Legendary Iris
  • Legendary Skill Pill
  • [Event] Master Stone +1 (Max +30)
  • [Event] Armor Master Stone
  • Leo’s leash

  • Upgrade for beginners
  • Beginners Basic Pack
  • Beginners Additional Bundle
  • Knight Apprentice Weapons
  • Titan Apprentice Weapons
  • Healer Apprentice Weapons
  • Rogue Apprentice Weapons
  • Mage Apprentice Weapons
  • Sorcerer Apprentice Weapons

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