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  • Vilya

    Community Manager

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Über mich

  • I have been involved in online gaming since the early 2Ks. Before that it was all about console gaming and I still have them all (and play them often). I still avidly play Last Chaos on my private characters to this day.

    I have been with Last Chaos US since it's inception in 2006, the community got me hooked and I could never walk away. I have been an active player since then and shortly after its opening, began to work within the game. In September of 2014, gamigo asked me if I would like to become the Community Manager and I jumped at the chance! As far as I am concerned, I have the best job ever and would not trade it for any other job.

    Please never hesitate to message me with questions, concerns or ideas. My proverbial door is always open.

    Happy gaming!

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